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To lure someone with what you know they will like.
Jack: "hay Tom, Jon was wearing a gold Rolex in Wal-Mart last night."

Tom: "Oh… you mean he was baiting for chicks in Wal-Mart last night."
by team baiting ftw May 15, 2010
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To post a flattering selfie on social media to attract the attention of someone in particular, with the hope it will result in that person responding with a message.
I was baiting Adam with my Instagram story yesterday and it worked, he sent me a DM.
by 13writer August 04, 2017
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An excuse a troll uses upon posting an idiotic thread or reply to a messageboard. Usually said after said troll is flamed and shown of ones idiocy.
OMGzors I wasn't serious LOLz0rs!!!111 I was just baiting you and you fell for it!!
by JC October 22, 2004
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Something posters do to gain post count. Posters post something dumb, waiting on other peoples posts so he can reply for some +1 post count. Also, posters can flame people as bait, so the person who was flamed will reply, and there will be a big argument, leading to alot of +1 post count. Largely used on the Vault Network forums (VN)
Neorah: Grunty you suck at life, give up.
Grunty: WTF, I'll kill you.
Saberwulf: Baited!
by Saberwulf December 24, 2004
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When someone deliberately tricks someone else into thinking that there is a chance they are attracted to them, through flirting and signals; when really they aren’t interested and are just β€˜baiting’ them.
I’m baiting her and she thinks I like her.

She is baiting him and he thinks he has a chance with her.
by Criper246 July 01, 2019
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