A statement, opinion, or conclusion based on guesswork...
Who uses this word anyways? I conjecture that no one does.
by Amanda Sitko August 16, 2005
A json-conjecture hypothesizes that proving the number of platonic forms to be infinity^infinity in number proves that math is real.
An injecture is the surface-area of the Vikaasian limit.

The json-conjecture is an injecture.

Proving the number of platonic limits to be uncountable would prove math is real.
by sandrashine September 7, 2020
The notion hat if you have an original philosophical thought, there is a 90% chance some philosopher some number of centuries ago already coined that thought with his own name.
Matt: Yo dawg, you believe in God?
Dan: Nah bro, but I go to Church anyway just in case because then I go to heaven. I call it Dan's Clever Solution.
Matt: Bro that's Pascal's Wager right there tho dawg.
Dan: Shit, Scibor's Conjecture in action.
by urban_philospher December 24, 2016
Collatz Conjecture is a math equation created by mathematician Lothar Collatz in 1937. The math problem instructions are to input any number.

If the number is odd you multiply by 3 and add 1.

If the number is even you divide by 2.

You will soon end up in the 4, 2, 1 loop. This math problem has not been solved yet
Hey, do you know how to work the Collatz conjecture?
by Noah Armon June 2, 2022
1. An attempt to achieve a self-serving goal or objective by presenting an opinion or supposition about (something) on the basis of illogical and/or incomplete information.
2. Bullshit in disguise.
It is Trumpian Conjecture to state that a COVID-19 epidemic will only last three weeks.
by Ivehadit March 25, 2020
The Lalani-Frank conjecture is an economic theory that states that the potential for charitable actions is directly correlated to the amount of sex had.

In the spirit of Lil Wayne:

"Pussy, Money, {Altruism}"
(Two fine, young, upstanding bros are drinking coffee in the office lounge on Monday morning)

Person 1: Yo bro, did you get it in this weekend?

Person 2: Yeah bro, and I feel that, as a direct result of the aforementioned intercourse, my marginal productivity has increased exponentially.

Person 1: What are you gonna do with all the extra funds coming your way?

Person 2: I'm going to help some structurally oppressed individuals, y'feel me?

Person 1: Damn, you're living that Lalani-Frank Conjecture.
by Dr. Balfour Rohan Oglethorpe October 9, 2011
A postulation that the number of platonic forms being uncountable is the last falsifiable statement in mathematics.
Json conjecture = injecture.

If the number of json-conjectures (platonic forms) is proven to be uncountable; mathematics will have been proven real.
by metawave September 7, 2020