Surfaced: In urban slang the word surfaced is used to describe a state of drunkness in which the person who is drinking is so drunk that they pass out on the floor and are unable to get up hence they are surfaced.
Did you see John Wayne last night he drank so much he was surfaced it was hilarious.
by jobjobbinks July 20, 2017
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One who is shallow or only cares of subjects and topics that are light or superficial
She only cares about her makeup and Mtv, she is a little too 'surface' for me.
by HeidiCoomes July 11, 2008
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One who doesn't or isn't able to have a complex thought process when listening to music; Thinks of everything basically.
He thinks lil yachty is a good rapper, Probably because he's so surface.
by Bhanty February 12, 2017
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a surface such as a cd cover,mirror, that is used for breaking up a drug. i.e. cocaine,bud,e,h,ice,zanny
by hksone July 14, 2009
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The idea, thought or belief that some terrain or ground area (mostly on bodies other than Earth) is unsuitable for landing or other necessities that require good terrain characteristics as opposed to others.
Guy one: Dude! Elon Musk just announced the colonization of Mars!

Guy two: Meh, Venus has much richer soil than Mars.

Guy one: Damn, dude! Quit your surfacism.


Guy one: So what do you think about the house? It's got a nice view!

Guy two: I wish the floor was carpet instead of wood.

Guy one: Why are you always so surfacist?
by Dr. Boredom June 17, 2018
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When a woman has a face like a man. Hence the term "sir-face"
Damn bro, check out the surface in line. I thought that was a dude from the side...
by DMasSC November 3, 2007
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