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Common Misspelling of the word amateur
You just spelled amateur wrong.
by Grade-A March 05, 2005

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An utterly utterly terrible spelling of the word simpsons Generally spelled that way by losers and/or just a spelling error or typo.
User111: I hate the simsons
Coolguy19: Its SIMPSONS, not simsons you idiot!
by Grade-A January 26, 2005

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1) The best online game ever. In this game you are given a Mining Pod and you dig for minerals on mars.

In this game you can get various upgrades such as a bigger fuel tank, a better Drill, a better Radiator, etc. You can also buy dynamite, C4, excess fuel tanks, etc.

You can play this game at Xgenstudios

2) A large quantity of something such as money.
1) Me: Have you played Motherload?

*one minute second later someone finds the loser with a kife jammed in back*

2) I hit the motherload in Vegas!!!
by Grade-A April 06, 2005

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A flash artist on newgrounds. He is widely known on newgrounds.com. The name piconjo came from pico and he just added a njo on the end.

And to answer the question that the last guy marked as "an unkown answer", i will tell you why legendary frog and piconjo hate eachother so much.

No, its not jealousy, here is the story.

Piconjo anf legendary frog used to animate flash together. They did a good job of it to. But back then he didnt have the account named "piconjo". It was somthing else. The name i do not know. Anyway it all turned around when a popular flash called "FF Tribute - Chocobo Mix" came out. While they were doing the flash together, piconjo did most of the work. All legendary frog did was the symbols. But when piconjo did all the work he had to take off a few days so when piconjo did not notice legendary frog submitted the flash and did not put piconjos name where is says "flash animated by: " or somthing like that. Later on when piconjo found out and legendary frog refused to put his name there because he wanted to have all the credit.

So there.
Legendary frog sucks ass because he stole piconjos flash.
by Grade-A January 29, 2005

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A corrupted version of the word "owned". Originated from warcraft when a designer spelled owned wrong. Instead of it saying (INSTERT NAME HERE) has been Owned, it said (INSERT NAME HERE) has been pwned.

The word pwned or owned means to be made a fool of. This word is generally used in gaming and on the internet.
Player 2: Shut up.
by Grade-A February 03, 2005

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