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One who flatters in the hope of gaining favors.
"M often acts like a complete toady, commenting J on her taste, her babely features, and her mind in the hopes that she will one day bear his hapa."
by Yahtzee101 January 11, 2014
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Alternate spelling for "today," popularized within internet forums supporting the political rise of Ron Paul. The "toady" spelling is often used to indicate a certain level of importance and urgency. In this regard, "toady" is used in place of "today" for emphasis on the topic's imperative nature.
Toady is the primary!
by PauliticsPolitics December 6, 2011
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a bootlicker or subservient hanger-on to the fanatical behavior of trolls.

a toady can often be found posting on message boards and participating actively in trolling behavior.
Post 1 - (Troll)
You guys remember "lol mutant" or am I just making that up?
Post 2 - (Toady 1)
I think the phrase "I sorta realize what I wanted" rings a mutant
Post 3 - (Toady 2)
Yeah, he's a bit on the moronic side. lol mutant
Post 4 - (Toady 3)
I haven't seen lol mutant in ages, he was so lulsy.
by QuidProQuo101 April 2, 2011
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another word for describing horny
dude clintons so toady he just wants to get all over her
by jblo February 9, 2007
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or to be stupid
Girls have toadys boys have penises.
by Maygin December 13, 2007
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A side kick, a tag-a-long, one who is sent to do the dirty work.
Vito was dissapointed when Vinnie didn't make good on his his wager; so, he sent a couple of his toadies out to break his shins.
by Cara Marie November 10, 2006
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