(adj.) Describing a person that emulates or embodies those characteristics commonly associated with pedophiles.
John McCain seems like that creepy, old, pedophilic next-door-neighbor that offers all the little kids candy if they come inside.
by DCdebateWATCHER October 8, 2008
Ethan: “Guys look at that hot toddler
Zach: “Eww, your such a pedophile

Ethan: “Well my name is Ethan”
by Hairyballs1405 April 28, 2020
Used to describe Donald Trump
Donald trump is a nasty pedophile”

Agreed. Fuck Trump 2020”
by #heterophobic August 17, 2020
An adult who likes to be the punching bag in prison for not keeping it in their pants on a playground.
Did you see what the inmates did to that new pedophile?
by Karma the Bitch November 16, 2020
An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children.
by Larry December 6, 2004
An adult, usually male, who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children. Derived from the Greek paedeia (child) and philos (love.)
Simeon is a pedophile. Every afternoon he walks by the local elementary school, watching the kiddies coming happily bounding out, and there's always an 8-inch bulge in his pants when he does it.
by GuidoPosse69 February 17, 2005