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More of an observed phenomenon than a group of actual young people, kiddies refers to the apparent force that seemingly sways various events on the Internet.
The kiddies woke up and voted for Donkey Kong in the poll.
The kiddies got home from school and stole all my HITs.
by smasherx December 15, 2005
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Kiddy, to be friendly, easy to get along with and completely off your trolly
Our party on Friday night could do with a Kiddy.
by Carl Heaton May 22, 2003
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1) Insult used for people who seem to think that they are hard, whereas in reality they are 11 year olds who want to 'make sex' with Nikki Webster
2) sj0r's sex-objects
1) fkn kiddies always hanging off my trying to get me to tell them how much of a fwiend of theirs I am...
2) Oh mmman! Oh mmmmmmaaan!!! Oh My God!! Oh! Ohh! OOOOHHHHHH!!!!
by sj0r June 13, 2003
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Someone who inspires laughter. A cheeky fella. A mischievous man.
No Kiddy, you cannot put your schlong in my chuff whilst I'm cooking dinner!
by Al January 09, 2005
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People who wake up and then immediately connect to the Internet, and vote for the loser in a poll contest (usually one in which Pikachu is losing). "Kiddies" are considered by anyone with a positive IQ ro be non-existant
Just wait till the kiddies wake up!
by EvilZak August 24, 2003
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Something that Mr. M likes to call us when he is upset. Things may get yucky
by Flap-Jack October 19, 2017
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