Ethan: “Guys look at that hot toddler
Zach: “Eww, your such a pedophile

Ethan: “Well my name is Ethan”
by Hairyballs1405 April 28, 2020
An adult who likes to be the punching bag in prison for not keeping it in their pants on a playground.
Did you see what the inmates did to that new pedophile?
by Karma the Bitch November 16, 2020
An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children.
by Larry December 6, 2004
1) A person who is sexually attracted to young children who haven't gone through puberty.

2) A term used by people who have no idea what they're saying to describe a person they think is too old to be flirting with or dating someone else.
1) "I was watching the news yesterday, and I saw a report on a man who had sex with eight year olds. He's a pedophile."

2) "My sister told me that one of her high school teachers was flirting with his teaching assistant! He's such a pedophile."
by Approaching Challenger February 16, 2014
Guy 1: hey you listen to the new 6ix9ine and trippie redd collab?
Guy 2: Hell naw, both them are some creepy pedophile’s
by 6ix9ine May 20, 2018
Drey barash ( a man who preys on younger girls flexes cars that aren’t his and the best thing has a small penis )
Drey Barash likes to prey on young girls and lie about his age to get in their pants so he is now known as a PEDOPHILE
by Smallppboy April 22, 2019