When you are fucking a girl without using a condom, and come while your penis is still in her vagina.
Unusually cool.
She begged me not to come inside, but that only made me hornier and I came in her.

-Dude, I came inside this hot chick yesterday, and afterwards she tells me that she didn't take the pill!
-Ha ha ha, That will teach you to use a condom next time!
by Urban_Fellow June 17, 2006
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A phrase used by very grown people who have at least some possibility at being a homosexual.
Person 1: I'm DANGEROUS don't mess with me bro.
Person 2: No way jose
Person 1: Oh yeah? Rahhh!!!! The Demons Are Coming Inside Me!!!!! RAHHHHHHHHHH
by 2qg5 October 31, 2023
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Have you heard This comes from inside yet?
no i don't care about murderous robot bears.
by Floopledee June 30, 2022
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Trump's horror movie shock-climax.
Masks were for losers. Then his valet, and other staffers had the virus, and the kicker... it's coming from inside the house.
by Monkey's Dad May 11, 2020
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when someone says something that is hypocritical, metaphor for self sabotage
friend #1: “some of yall must’ve interpreted this part wrong..”
friend #2: “the call is coming from inside the house girl!”
by milevenisreal August 3, 2022
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