i love your wifes buns,especially when she lets me spread my pearl jam all over them.
by jcarter March 11, 2006
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Great band that actually gives a shit about their music and their surroundings.
Vedder gave a tiring speach about Bush, but still put on a great show.
by elvis June 28, 2003
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1.A sticky white substance known as semen which is usually diposited pretty much anywhere on a womans body

2.also a great band of the 90's
uncle andy:i know your thinking well uncle andy if i cant spew in mr sock where does the pearl jam go, well im glad you asked there is alot of things we can use aroudn the house instead of a goo glove
by the king mauahha December 18, 2006
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Derived from the color and texture of male ejaculate.
Joe: "Oh Betty, I'm coming!"
Betty: "Shoot your pearl jam all over my tits!"
by Darin September 21, 2005
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the day after having sexual intercourse with a women and going to the bathroom to take a piss and a piece of dried up cum flys out that resembles a pearl.
dude, i banged tina and woke up with a pearl jam.
by john black jr. December 5, 2011
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One of the best bands of the 90's by far, and a whole lot better then any of the shit being called 'music' today.
Eddie Vedder is a God, and the lead singer of Pearl Jam.
by Chels January 25, 2004
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The act of stuffing valuables into any choice of one's orifices for the purpose of hiding the valuables so they can be stolen.
"I don't have enough money to afford these grapes so I'm going to pearl jam them in my vagina and walk out."
by the truth about james April 26, 2017
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