to suddenly leave somebody that you are having a relationship with and that you have a responsibility for.
P1:I won't walk out - I like to see things through to the finish .

P2: bye then
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd August 31, 2019
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This is like, a strike.
1)This walk-out is terrible, I want hockey back
2)When did the doctors walk-out
3)When did facey walk-out with his mom
by Arthur Zielinski January 3, 2005
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A walk-out jacket is a jacket branded as such for a simple walk in the park or related activities in which a not-so formal wear may be otherwise required. Commonly sold in third-world countries as luxury goods, for a rampant price.
That Nike "King" Walk-out jacket is too expensive in this market, it is costing 300 monetary units as such. In it's regular market it costs around 34 euros, mostly. Still, it's manufactured in Malasya.
by ChaoticNeutral January 18, 2011
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When the entire senior class decides to stage a walk out in the middle of the day. Usually done in the second semester, and sometimes is even the senior prank (but mostly there is the prank, and the walk out).
Tomorrow, we're staging a senior walk out.
by toee January 31, 2007
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Coming out to someone who does not really aprove of LGBTQ+
Jenna is really worried about walking out the door, incase her mom goes mental!
by ell1985xo January 25, 2019
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It is a SONG created by DJ Unk. The dance WAS NOT created by him. The dance is the same thing as the poole palace.
You can find plenty of videos on how to poole palce on youtube, including the "walk it out" video itself.
by Glenn_Quagmire September 24, 2006
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