the absolute, without a doubt, worst band of all time.
i heard a Pearl Jam song on the radio the other day and felt like shooting the DJ in the face for playing such shit
by mongo cant beat me November 21, 2011
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When a male ejaculates on ones neck, thus making it look like a a pearl necklace.
I gave Suzy a Pearl Jam Necklace last night... and she loved it
by Tang_Slayer March 27, 2019
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Instead of a pearl necklace. When your ready for the money shot, grab the bitch's head, and "JAM" the "PEARLS" down her throat!
Sally always short changed her boyfriend by never swallowing so he forced the Jam Pearls down her throat.
by Lord Basel October 19, 2006
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The only big 4 grunge band who's lead vocalist isn't dead.
Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam is immortal and not to mention he's a fantastic vocalist.
by Rotten Turkey January 6, 2023
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Not unlike an Eiffel Tower, to slap high fives during a five on one gangbang, emulating the cover of Pearl Jam’s debut album Ten.
She was fucking five of us at the same time so we all slapped hands at once. We were totally Pearl Jamming her.
by Hurley Indiana January 10, 2021
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When you find out your friend, who loves Pearl Jam, likes when his wife jams a strand of fake pearls up his ass and yanks them out before entering him from behind with a dildo.
Last night Trudie Pearl Jammed me before hammering me with the Peony Push. It was so glorious.
by Scotty Nice February 7, 2021
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