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Derived from the color and texture of male ejaculate.
Joe: "Oh Betty, I'm coming!"
Betty: "Shoot your pearl jam all over my tits!"
by Darin September 21, 2005

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Off brand or no name shoes
where did you get those butter cookies, K-mart?
by darin January 05, 2004

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The superlative in a class of objects. A non-profane, usually last second alternative to the shit when you are compelled to censor oneself in polite company.
When Jesus walked into Jerusalem, he knew that, as far as prophets go, he was it.
by Darin January 21, 2004

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Golf term. Driving your ball past you opponents.
Hitting ones tee shot farther than the others.
Joe: That was a Linda Ronstadt.
Bill: Why do you say that?
Joe: Because I just Blue Bayou!
by darin October 20, 2005

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A bong or other marijuana smoking device. Comes from the tendancy of stoned people to hold the bong and talk. Espescialy while others wait to use it.
Shut up, take your hit, and pass the talking stick!
by Darin April 15, 2005

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Slang for a boyish looking man.
"He's as cute as a pair of puppy's nuts"
Joe: "Hey where's puppy nuts?"
Betty: "Showing his I.D. to the bartender."
by Darin September 21, 2005

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A wild, fast running ass.
Look at that Onager go!
by Darin June 05, 2003

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