The frontman (or woman) of a band, usually in rock music, but can also be rap/pop/country/jazz etc. If the singer is male, it means he is the one who dates all the women!
by Ana May 17, 2004
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The tendency for the lead singer of a rock band to become egotistical and impossible to work.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the onset of LSD including; a natural tendency in the singer to act like a prima donna and treat other people like shit, the level of fame and fortune the band manages to achieve (whether deserved or not), how quickly the band goes from being dirt poor and unknown to filthy rich and overly famous, and whether or not other members of the band have enough talent to compete with the singer for the public and the media's attention.

LSD is often fatal… …for the band. Once a singer develops LSD there is very little hope of them ever recovering from it.

PLAIN ENGLISH VERSION: Lead singer's disease is what happens when a lead singer lets the success of their band go to their head, starts acting like he or she is god and begins to demand that everything be done their way. If they don't get their way their inflated ego makes them think that they don't need the other band members and the band splits up.
Who do you think is a worse case of lead singer's disease, Axl Rose or David Lee Roth?
by amoebabadass August 12, 2007
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Chester Bennington, nicknamed Chaz, Chazzy B etc. Has an amazing voice in which you can hear 3 notes at once and is the sexiest guy in rock!
OMG have you seen this pic of Chester!! He's so unbelievably HOT!
by The Exorcist March 19, 2005
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Chester Bennington, age 28 and has a wife and a child.
Has been making music for twelve years, and started in Phoenix Arizona.
by Stigma July 9, 2004
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The act of having a big ass ego and thinking that you are the biggest turd since bono just because you are in a band that plays at a fucking teenager's club.....zing
Seth: Wow joseph really is a big dick
Chance: ya too bad he dont have one
BOTH: hahahaha
Seth: ya he really has LSS (lead singer syndrome)
Chance: whats that
Seth: lead singer syndrome
Chance: ya he is a queer....zing
by ass crackers June 14, 2010
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an emo person, thinks having random hair styles works
joe: dude look at my hair!
frank: you know who you remind me of?
joe: who?
frank: that lead singer of Linkin Park
by idunno? April 11, 2005
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