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One of the best bands of the 90's by far, and a whole lot better then any of the shit being called 'music' today.
Eddie Vedder is a God, and the lead singer of Pearl Jam.
by Chels January 24, 2004

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something 4/3 people on this site think they are (and yes i meant to have an improper fraction)
i am so smart, i kno my abc's A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I , J, K....R, Y, Z!!!!!!!!! hooray!
by chels March 21, 2004

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its green, you smoke it
krip, damm gud stuff
by chels March 19, 2004

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sexy underwear/lingerie
That gurl's wearing that hot negiligee
by Chels July 16, 2003

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H-H-H-HOTT!especially in scrubs and covered in blood :)
plays carter on ER and has played some minor movie roles
last night carter was so hot he almost gave me an orgasm
by chels June 08, 2004

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The state of being attractive to an extreme level that makes the viewer say "Woah!".
I want some of your Sexy Hot Woah! lovin'.

I'm too Sexy Hot Woah! for my shirt.
by Chels July 02, 2004

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To hackey sack, toss around a netted ball filled with beads, you cannot use your hands at all.
Eeeh, it was a calm weekend, we just sat around and hacked.
by Chels March 13, 2005

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