purple weed- purp
good tasting weed
weed that is dark in color
i'm gettin me some grapes tonight
by cali-babe February 19, 2005
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Yay Area Slanguage for marijuana aka cannibus sativa aka bomb aka chronic aka ganja aka mary jane aka puff aka weed aka sticky icky icky aka etc. etc. etc.
by samsonhussein October 29, 2006
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potent purple marijuana from california or the west coast.
i got them grapes!
by movinMEAN February 26, 2011
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another word for weed infront of your parents
"dude lets go eat some grapes"
by POPPINJONNY August 11, 2008
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a slang term for haemorrhoids also known as piles due to the fact that enlarged blocked veins can hang out of the anus, resembling grapes.
I can't sit down, me grapes are killing me!!
by Yeoooo February 19, 2008
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