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The curvy contour of a girls gluteus maximus muscles as seen from behind. AKA cheeks,ass,butt.
Margie's buns look nice and tight now that she's working out.
by Taíno Boy January 21, 2004
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to bun, the smoking of marujana/ hashish, london uk dialect. derived from the word burn.
do you bun? we have been bunning.
by latif July 10, 2004
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that movie was mad fuckin buns, i cant believe i just payed ten bones for it.
by sizam August 02, 2003
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The round oval part of the butt that sticks out also attract's attention to the male or female
Chad : Damn Kiersten your bun's are so fine!
Kiersten : I like when you hold them tight and apply pressure to my tight little pussy with your big strong cock!
Chad : Well let's not waste another minute shall we fuck?
Kiersten : Yeah Boy!
by SlopNChop February 20, 2017
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