The curvy contour of a girls gluteus maximus muscles as seen from behind. AKA cheeks,ass,butt.
Margie's buns look nice and tight now that she's working out.
by Taíno Boy January 21, 2004
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those girls are buns
that girl is a bun
by Longbro August 21, 2010
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A term that supposedly originated in New York city and has been gaining popularity amongst young Latino and African-American youth.

Usually refers to a "p*ssy" ....or a male or female coward

Taken literally may allude to the softness of a breaded bun.Hence a synonym being "soft"
"Yo,why didn't you fight him?!,you mad buns!".
by Karol Rubiano May 2, 2004
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Of the bread family; you usually put some source of meat,cheese, and condiments on. :
"Hey I need some some buns with my meat"
by Jess and Jad-izzle February 20, 2005
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Hey!, Don't touch my buns
by mctits March 28, 2003
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meaning to sleep with or have sex with. Originated in New York City (Bronx) when buns no longer meant "punk-like, but replaces the word ass.
She called her baby-daddy for some buns, she wasn't tryin' to get back wit him.
by Keebler May 19, 2004
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a nickname for a guy with a really hot ass!
Like damn, did you see Buns' buns?!
by deonica April 15, 2008
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