helen is by far the smartest kid in her school
by francesco:Rome:1970 January 23, 2005
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Furious Angry Rage (acronym)
1. My FAR will eat your soul
2. Sometimes FAR makes me hard.
3. I FAR'd myself to sleep last night.
4. Got FAR?
by StTz October 14, 2011
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aggressive yet incomprehensible form of speech accented by wild gestures, bizzare facial expressions and punctuated with gutteral grunts and clicks. Lacks any clearly defined consonants or vowels
synonym - violent gibberish
"What did Bob say that got him clocked?"
"Who knows!? He was drunk and and farring in th' guys face."
by lunghd October 14, 2004
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When Someone Says Someone Is A Far that means they are the worst piece of human trash in history, describe them as the 3 worst things you can be called


Brad Is Such A FAR”
by DerekYeeter May 12, 2021
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A term used to emphasize a sentence. Origins of this word is unknown, although some believe it descended from a mythical being know as "Farsdrengen", Superhomos trusty sidekick. This however, has never fully been proven.
"Aw, FARS!"

"Holy fars! You guys rock!"

"What in the fars?!"

"Jump you for fars sake, before I farsing kick you in the hangballs!"
by Dingler Hangballs May 23, 2007
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FARS aka Frequently Asked Retarded Shit is a well known Diamond-Radiant Valorant player that utilizes the tactic of "Jett diff" and an extremely overacted American accent. Rumors say that his followers often blind/first pick Jett in queues, tell people they are 10 times their elo and are deafened in Discord.
Kyriakos: "Did you hear FARS got to Immortal 2 yesterday?"
Marios: "Yeah but he will demote in like 2 days."
by Kollegios October 13, 2022
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The word that is in every Persian's first or last name.

Farsani, Faraz, Farbod, Farsandnigger, Farnaz, Farhad, etc.
by RemiC March 1, 2009
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