A kid with an unusually large forhead. Often so large that it's capable of interfering with the stardard line of sight up to 73 km. A forhead so large that it can be easily mistaken for the CN tower or any other massive landmark. Often refered to as CN Pat, or Pat Tower.
Pat move your fuckin forhead, I cant see shit!
Pat im trying to take a picture of the sky, move your fuckin forhead!!
by Mike July 18, 2006
A "Pat" is used for people who are rude, bossy and selfish. Probably using this to a "bitch" is a good idea!
Emily: Ugh, the new girl is so rude, bossy and selfish! She doesn't even know how to talk nicely. She has no manners! And she is such a b-
ME: Don't call her a B, say, she is such a Pat!
Emily: She is such a Pat!
by Bexzi January 7, 2018
Term used to describe being on one's period.
by ke$haSUCKMYDICK June 13, 2010
wimpy, wont even talk to his girlfriends,AFRAID OF COMMITMENT! fucking hot, wont stay around long enough to find out his size.. (maybe one day :D) sucks at kissing, WAIT I DONT EVEN KNOW! He sucks.... HIS HAIR IS CRAZY!
ex. I'm not a one night stand kind of gal!

Was it pat?

of course! WHO ELSE??


would it make a difference?


why'd i fall in love with a fucking pat...
by blondiesforeva1 May 29, 2011
Lewis Hamilton pat in the pit lane.

(he then went on to lose the race because he isn't that good and his team had pat Hamilton badly. This not surprising as Mclaren are a bit crappy)
by Guymitchell June 8, 2011
n. a person that you cannot tell if they are, in fact, male or female.
I can't tell if that's a girl or boy, so I'll just call it Pat so that it can go either way.
by RISxLOVESxMUSIC March 27, 2009
Pat is a slang term, mainly used in Leeds in the UK. The word refers to a woman who is very butch, usually built like a tank with short hair. Pat can also refer to a lesbian
"That woman is well tonk, I wouldn't mess with her"
"Yeah I know she is pat to the max"
by Cwistofer March 11, 2009