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The location where Watson and Crick discovered the structure of DNA, where they stole all the ideas from Rosalind Franklin because they're liars. But now, Cold Spring Harbor mostly consists of rich preps who are good at LAXXXXX and smoke pot. mad rager man. ..... do work. This town is also known as Coke Spring Harbor and is hated by everyone in south Huntington.
Wow, that Cold Spring Harbor is whack.
by RISxLOVESxMUSIC February 15, 2009
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When you feel the slight sensation of being high just because you were close to somebody that was or had been high numerous times prior to seeing you.
Oh my gosh, that guy was so high that I got contact high just from being in the same room as him...
by RISxLOVESxMUSIC March 26, 2009
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n. a person that you cannot tell if they are, in fact, male or female.
I can't tell if that's a girl or boy, so I'll just call it Pat so that it can go either way.
by RISxLOVESxMUSIC March 27, 2009
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n. A funny ass sub, has definitely been on an acid trip one too many times, and probably stashes weed in his brownies. This sub would state the most random facts, that are probably made up as he is so high. You can get contact high just from being aroun him. That's how many drugs he's probably done.
Wow our sub today was such a specter... That was mad funny!
by RISxLOVESxMUSIC March 26, 2009
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n. a wanna-be Friday;a day to anticipate Friday; pseudo Friday that makes everyone believe it's Friday and then everyone is disappointed when it is actually not
"Is it Friday yet?"
"Nope, it's Thursday"
"Ugh. Screw Thursday"
by RISxLOVESxMUSIC April 22, 2009
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