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CN Drugs Death Humor

My pension plan is smoking enough to die intime before nursing home
by Luunii March 6, 2021
CyberNations- Online nation simulation game of over 40,000 players. Involves management of Infrastructure, Technology, Military, Trade agreements and much more.
Dude, been playing CN lately? You look exhausted.

Aw crap, my CyberNation just lost a trade...
by Stryker90 April 19, 2007
CN is a lithuanian slang used for describing a city centre.
-Chill man, hes part of the CN gang
by CN movement January 8, 2022
CN - used to describe someones hotness as deadly, referring to the deadly chemical compound cyanide.
"OMG he is sooooo CN"
"Dude, that girl over there is CN as f*ck"
by chemistrygirl321 March 10, 2018
Curiosity Nudes: when you wanna know what they look like naked but don't wanna smash
"Bro, did you really ask Amy for nudes?"
"Yeah but they were only CNs, I don't wanna smash
by MrTickler June 28, 2017
You can get away with murder from taking CN pills- all it costs is some cash and your life.
by Random DUDE December 15, 2004
CN is a chicken nugget. She is Kawaii AF. She can be cute sometimes and is a great person.
by Travis178 August 31, 2016