A dime bag; 10 dollars worth of weed
"Yo you wanna go down on a tenner?"
by titanstrack March 23, 2007
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n. (informal) a ten-pound note.
How did you use the tenner I gave you yesterday?
by chicabum August 7, 2012
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something you were once familiar with, but haven't thought of in ten years
Hey, I got one! "I ain't gon' bump no mo' wif no big fat woman!" Tenner?
by Frank Booth January 7, 2005
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An Australian $10 note.(Often used to buy small drug amounts).

"Have you got any tenner's($10er weed or cash)."
by Diego June 24, 2003
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A girl who's a 10, but dates guys who are a 6 or under.
"Did you see Ashley is dating Nigel?"

"She's an absolute tenner! I mean, she's head cheerleader, and he's captain of the chess club!
by cardsondeck March 13, 2015
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A guy with a 10 inch penis
"That guy has a tenner"
"The guy I slept with last night was a tenner"
by Tenner April 11, 2006
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