A term used in many online games (specifically WoW) that is short for "patrolling". This is used to describe an enemy that moves around on a designated path rather than just standing still.
Lookout, here come a pat.

Wait for the pat before you pull the rest.
by psytch February 25, 2009
A phrase used to specify a cross-gender individual. A person possessing traits of both male and female … making it difficult to determine their gender. Originally made famous from a skit on SNL called, "Pat".
Damn! What the hell? ...is that a man or a woman. No! That's a Pat.
by Woody Johnson November 22, 2006
a drink made of any types of alcohol mixed together so your parents will not find out you've been stealing there alc., try making it you get fucked up
by Pat M-field August 25, 2006
Noun. A heterosexual man who claims he has never masturbated in his entire life, but everyone knows that it is a down right lie.
If you're 18 and you claim you have never masturbated before, you are a Pat.
by Fu3k June 21, 2009
a guy so white you need shades when you get intimate. but you feel him, like him and do not want to lose him. and because theres feelings involved you experience his white as a thing of beauty.
"tell Pat that you enjoy, appreciate, value and adore his white. and that its not about superficial things like that anyway. the body is just random genetics, the soul is true love and sex"
by fine listener March 2, 2020
1- When someone easliy gets their ankles broken playing sports such as Hockey

2- Someone who constantly makes jokes about other people, but actually are the joke themselves
1- I don't want him on my team, he's a Pat

2- Did you hear what he said? Don't worry he's a Pat
by PatsMySon September 14, 2016
A Very Sexy Man, Coming From Suffolk, That Is Cool And Sometimes His Last Name Begins With A C.
Pat You Are Very Cool Says A Fit Girl
by Patrick123456789 August 28, 2008