Feeble, weak. Also applied to objects or places.
The furnishings were a little wimpy for such bold decor.
by VAKI5 May 7, 2005
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Wimpie known in Greek mythology...
It has been told over the ages that a person known as Wimpie walks comes down from the heavens and walk among the mortals and seduces the local women and his closest friends' mother figures...
This Adonnis can usually be spotted easily, he is extremely good looking and has a large reproductive organ, which the last person who has seen it has gone blind by the sheer pleasure it has brought...
The only way you can get rid of this sexy beast is the give him the town's most beautiful maiden and hope hes satisfied!!
Ted : Man you see that Wimpie coming, I think we should leave...he has a huge penis

Vicky : If I didnt know beter I would have thought you were the legendary Wimpie I heard about...
Wimpie : Why would you think that?
Vicky : Cause you got a huge penis and you are rougedly handsome
by ashmanapola May 3, 2009
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Another name for a "sloppy-joe", commonly used in Pennsylvania.
I need some more chips to go with my wimpy.
These wimpies need more ketchup.
by alandym June 6, 2011
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1. noun, A timid little dog (however, the phrase has also been used to describe other animals, humans, things, with the characteristics of a wimpy doodle).
2. Proper noun, as in "The Wimpy Doodle". The original wimpy doodle was a nice little poodle named Annie, owned by a family in Pine Hills, Florida.
Your dog is a wimpy doodle. He hides under the bed whenever anyone comes over.

by The Guvna May 5, 2006
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Those annoying hairs that always stick out when you fix your hair. Mostly in groups of three.
Hey, are those Wimpy Springs sticking out of your hair?
by ItsMamaLuigi August 16, 2015
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adj. Used to describe a male whom is lacking in strength and or testosterone. this thyp of person my also have an afinity for the male gender. Also known as a girly man
pee wee herman, toby , Nathan, are wimpy muffins, because they are girly men.
by Johnny Krsitel April 26, 2006
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