Having four chicks drooling all over your tool.
Although his fantasy was to have five girls, he would settle for forhead.
by Tom 252 May 15, 2007
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Is a guy who lasts 2 seconds in bed and thinks he's champ! Another definition being a man in general lol
Me: My boyfriend is such a cock forhead, he humped like a dog for 2 seconds and it was all over red rover.
Friend: wow what a cock forhead!!!
by Spunkybum23 January 12, 2022
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evryones mean about it but its the shiniest and most beuatiful thing you will ever see if anyone is rude to the amazing thing they are toxic!
wow di you see daisys forhead
Me: yh its amazing
by 69cat69 October 29, 2020
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When the pussy has a forehead. Not to be mistaken by a double chin or jowls.
Maria look like she gotz that fat pussy nigga... na na na... she got dat forhead pussy mang!
by Cricket-Talk February 15, 2018
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i massive forhead shaped like a brick
the well known wrestler the rock, zalso starred in the scorpion king and walkin tall
by renegade April 19, 2005
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