A major tool. Very short. Has laxbro hair but will soon cut it off and realize that without it he is HIDEOUS. MAJOR tool face. Has an extremely small penis and is horrible at everything. Likes to call people fatasses and emo. Gets people to hate him than tries to apologize. He will soon be gay.
Delia ; I CANNOT believe I dated Pat !

Me ;:/
10 years later

Me ; That kid Pat you once dated ... He's gay now.
Delia ; I KNEW IT .
by IHATERIVERSKIDS March 23, 2011
Pat: the short version of Patrick.

Those who go by Pat are cheaters. They hide & lie about their sexuality, luring unsuspecting women into a relationship until she stumbles on his anal beads & multiple M4M Craigslist ad's seeking all male orgies.

The depth of his depravity knows NO end, he will use, abuse & twist your body & mind. You don't even notice the loss of your own character or will until you've become a zombie so eager to please Pat that's all you think about.

The worst part is, nothing satisfies Pat. His appetite to demean his partners is insatiable.

He is a gaslighting Narcissistic Personality.
If you love a Pat, run before you become his Gollum
by PatsCat May 22, 2017
Sharp, as in Pat Sharp, the bloke from the telly
1: That Razor ive got is Proper James

2: You need one that's Pat mate
by Smiffy Dubz tm August 24, 2007
someone who just got played by someone that hides behind meds and shrinks. And thinks she had all the answers. His life is not perfect but its better then the bitch that cries nuts!!!
Wow Pat just got Fucked over by a crazy bitch
by cone_head1111 December 14, 2010
A person that does sexual favours for dogs
i cant believe you done a "pat" for a tenner
by Coco21312 November 5, 2013
A dirty, arrogant, stubborn, juicehead, mamma's boy, spoiled, stupid kid who thinks he is a hot-shot model. He is a college drop-out, the worst football college player in school history. He thought he was a superstar among boys in college. He got jabbed by Ali in the club. Campi scared him a couple of times. Fatnose called him out a couple times. The crew vandalized his room and treated it like a new york subway. He never wanted any beef with the gorilla in the crew!!
Hey Pats not home..... Lets go into his room and go shopping!! Hey Pats not home.... Lets go use up all his cologne...
by Victor Soprano Damon Stratch February 3, 2006
To give a "pat pat"
when u hit someone's top of the head softly, with open hand, usually to make compliments, generally used with animals or kids.
It's often used in comics language as
onomatopeic word
(in peanuts' strips "pat pat" situations are often drawn)
by Sheeva_Nephtis-Flynetz November 30, 2005