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Also known as the front-ensemble. Usually most talented in band. Brings color and warmth to music in marching band/drum corps. Usually related to drumline. Section that gets most crap for not having to march but yet takes most skill, technique, and practicing.
Dude the pit is rockin' it out there.

The pit has a ridiculous four mallet solo!
by OldSchoolDrummin15 December 17, 2008
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Preferably the Front Ensemble. The most abused part of the marching band by hornline members for their lack of marching. And yet also the section that adds great music in, has to push around enormous instruments and often get tendinitis or carpal tunnel from all the practicing. The section that takes the most work, concentration, and definitely puts in the most practice hours. The Front is their own family with the most weird jokes, creepy innuendos and most laughs. Also the section that loves one another and will do most anything for the another section member. The Front is part of the Drumline although it is often excluded from all groups.
"man the Pit has a lot of notes"

"dude our pit is awesome!!"
by FrontEnsembleNinja November 11, 2009
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Part of the drumline in a marching band.
Not incompetent in comparison to those on the field. People with the hardest music. People putting in more hours than are in a week for rehersal. The only ones with the excuse " i havent GOTTEN the music yet " when asked if its memorized beacuse the drumline instructor is still writing it. Part of the band that could march but would rather play insturments that are too large to lift on there own. Carts are used in getting there equitment on the field. Electronics cart requires cords and 1000 extension cords to be plugged in. The closest people in the band. The family with the most creepy incest akward disfunctial problems. Those that " have a life " beacuse they call drumline there life. A group that gives up all there time but aproxamently 3 or 4 weeks of the year.
*** : can you hang out today ?
=**: umm.. kinda busy unless you wanna hang out at 9 or later
*** : No.. we have school tomorow. what are you doing all day?
=**: Drumline.
*** : I didnt know you played drums and stuff
=**: I dont play " drums and stuff " im in the pit i play 1st Marimba 2nd vibe bells xylophone Aux 1 oh and add a cymball roll or 2 to all those parts.
*** : uhh.. okay. your crazy.
=**: yeah. im in drumline.
by pitsterxD. May 21, 2009
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amazing percussion in the front of a marching band or drum corps... plays mallet instruments and any other percussion imaginable. absolutely amazing. formally known as the 'front-ensemble'.
Hey man, the Methacton High School Pit is awesome! Look at them play all those runs!
by Jamminman November 07, 2005
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The area below the stage where the orchestra sits for a musical. Or, just the another name for the orchestra itself.
Look at the pit for Anythign Goes. They all rock, excpet that red haired fill-in drummer. He cant keep a decent beat. Maybe he should of put in an effort to learn the part.
by nonameformees May 02, 2006
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1. A group of percussionists who play mallet and other instruments that are not played by the durmline. They play in the front of the marching band at football games and in band festivals. Players do not march except in parades and when approaching instraments from across the feild. Also known as Front Ensamble or Percussion Front.

2. The most amazing people you'll ever meet.
by Confused Slinky June 16, 2007
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