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People who don't have any desire to see the heinous atrocities of the Bush43 era end. (i.e. bush voters and and Rush Limbaugh ditto heads

The Republican Attack Machine is going all-out to prevent Barack Obama from fixing the very serious problems caused by the arrogance and incompentence of the Bush administration.

For some sick reason, the Republican Party DOES NOT WANT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING TO HAPPEN: 1) the Bush Depression to end, everyone to be able to afford health care, the american auto industry to survive, the working class to have any control over their own destiny, or Obama to succeed in any way!!!!

The G.O.P. hates Obama so much they are willing to sacrifice everything to see him fail!!!
The fact the Obama is the exact opposite of George w Bush (the worst president ever) it seems like he should be someone to be proud of and support.

It makes sense that there are so many Bush haters on UD, but why are there so many Obama haters here?
Obama Haters would rather see the whole U.S.A. go down in flames, than help Obama fix the Bush Economy and provide affordable health care to non-rich americans!!
by Charles_U_Farley August 07, 2009
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a person who hates spending of money on project that will not create jobs, how not apologize for everything that is not out nations fault, a gun loving, common sense, a person that know acorn is a communist organization logical, person with half a brain who thinks and does not want to see America become Europe
liberal hey your just a racist obama hater

a normal think american with commen sense

no i am just a user of commen sense and i like to keep my guns, money, and freedoms so go back to Chicago
by ifuckinghateobama July 01, 2009
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Someone who is a racist, white trash piece of filth who cannot accept a *gasp* black person in the white house. IE rednecks, republicans, KKKlansmen...
That guy is such an Obama hater. No wonder, he lives in a racist dominated nation!
by SaneGino November 23, 2008
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1)a KKK member without the suit on
2)all the people who rioted outside the white house, for no reason other than hating on Obama
3)all the retards that voted for George Bush
4)people who think global warming will melt all the "mexicans"
5)anyone who thinks people with brown skin want to bomb them
6)People who thought voting for Obama would end the recession, make them skinny, make them rich, explain what Canada is, make life cheap, make them skinny, or give them a ferrari overnight
(watching riots outside the white house)
Terrance: Can you believe this, those guys are calling Obama a Nazi.
Philip: Wait, isnt that a Neo Nazi tattoo on that guys arm?
Terrance: Sure is, typical Obama Haters
Phillip: Dude, does that guy really have three arms?
Terrance: Sure does, typical inbreeding Obama Haters
by A Canadian Dipper August 28, 2010
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Someone who hates any and all socioeconomic advancements of black people.
Joe - "hey man, do you see that brotherman over there is driving a brand new Cadillac and dressed all flashy and swagging like he is the president"

Jack - "dude, chillout and stop being an Obama Hater!"
by Mystic Shadow January 20, 2009
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