One who designs or acts in a way that obstructs others, making it difficult or impossible to do what needs to be done. Frequently uses conflict of interest to obstruct others. Also known as an asshole or duh-weeb, and most likely proud of it.
When you have to drive six blocks just to go around the corner, it's a good sign that the engineer who planned the city's one-way streets was an obstructionist.

For more examples, see bureaucracy, committee mentality, legislator, attorney, and corporation.
by Downstrike November 24, 2004
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One who systematically impedes or interrupts progress.
Obstructionist Examples

The person blocking the middle of the shopping isle that does not realize your presence.

someone who attempts to impede passage of legislation by the use of delaying tactics.
by cookies plainview August 23, 2012
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An increasingly popular nickname for the 45th POTUS.
The Obstructionist in Chief is a very stable genius who has obstructed every possible investigation into every treasonous thing he has done since his stint as POTUS began.
by Dr Bunnygirl August 4, 2020
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