Originated by hood mans in Tdot. Refers to the act of confronting, roasting, exposing, or verbally attacking someone.
Hoodman: yo you're gonna get paged after school bro

Hoodman 2: aight bro
by TDOTTREY March 6, 2017
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A very fun person to hang out with and is very samrt! Real nice when you get to know her BUT don't get on her bad side. She can be a real bitch if you do. Very energetic and if funny. A beautiful person who is outgoing and doesnt let nothing get in her way. A person who is loved by lots and is hated by many. She has a wonderful presonality and is a great friend anybody would want to have!
by FckLoveLiveLife January 8, 2012
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Going up to someone you have beef with and yelling at them. This typically happens before a fight.
“Are you paging Rachel after school?”
by What even is this March 10, 2019
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Term of endearment by a toddler for a grandfather or grandpa.
by New Grandpa March 8, 2009
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noun-a good kiss that lasted for a long time
Was it a page? Oh yea it was awesome!
by Sarah Mulberry May 29, 2005
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1) a female australian name
2) an animal lover who will fight for what she believes in
3) creative, beautiful, and sweet girl
Page is a lover not a fighter but she will fight for what she loves.
by internetexpert June 14, 2009
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A beautiful, funny girl. Has flowy, blonde hair. Is so great to look at. All the boys want to go out with her. Popular, smart, awesome girl.
"Did you see Page yesterday? She is so hot!"
by QA123456 September 23, 2010
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