It's like going down on someone, except they're sitting on your face.
Going up on your girl is the best way to treat her for her birthday.
by The word for making up words January 19, 2019
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When you really want a kebab but are too drunk to correctly enunciate your sentence.
"Go up?" "you'd like to go upstairs?" "noooo I want a kebab!!!"
by The_Robb August 27, 2019
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its like go down but you say it if you're a boy with an upside-down face.
"Maybe someday we'll get married and you can go up on me." -Jake Tucker
by vance android January 29, 2009
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When you have to say a line but the line is not in your brain.
Backstage during a show:
Boy: You were going up back there.
Girl: Yeah, I definitely ruining the show.
by theatreslang July 16, 2020
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When one spit washes, licks, or sucks their partner from toe to pelvis. The alternative to "going down."
Yo, I was already to go down on this chick but it turns out she had a foot fetish and she wanted me to start going up!
by whosthenoobnow June 28, 2011
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Intransitive phrasal verb
The way someone "goes up and down" refers to their physical appearance. It is usually used in positive phrases to show strong approval of somone's overall look. It means you wanna get freaky with that person coz they are fine and dress good, but classy.
That guy at the bar goes up and down like a dream

Valery, I like the way you go up and down in that YSL smock.
by Randall Judderbuck August 13, 2006
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