Usually a man wiser than your dad, always the head of the family. Sometimes a man who fought a war to protect his own country and family. Always a playa, you know how they do.
All they gotta do is act like the wise man they are and they could get any girl except they got their wife at home.
Grandpa Bob: Want to hear a joke?
Sam: sure grandpa
Grandpa Bob: I never saw a purple cow I never hope to see one, but I can tell you anyhow I'd rather see than be one!
Sam: I don't get it
Grandpa Bob: When you become wiser you will.
by Oz January 18, 2005
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and old fogey who knows his shit. totally gangsta. lol
"im bout it, im rowdy, i just passed a kidney stone."
by sketch April 18, 2005
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An over 40 hipster, often seen at clubs or indie shows
A: Tommorrow I'm turning 26! :x
B: You fucking grandpa
by definitionmassah January 28, 2004
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code name for the guy in Louisiana..that works on women's stuff....for free
Kimberly says grandpa got the tools to fix anything
by Master4passion October 16, 2011
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A really grumpy man, who is too young to be a grandpa in the real sense, but otherwise exemplifies the conduct typical of a grumpy, albeit wise, old man, who is easily irritated by crazy women.
Grandpa none whatsoever for this page
by smoothee September 29, 2005
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An extended reference to GPA (a common acronym for Grade Point Average). G-pa is commonly used as short-term for the word "grandpa" in text or instant messaging.
Yes! I just raised my grandpa a total of .4 for this semester! Now I have a 3.0 on the dot!
by jblakely September 21, 2010
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