that act being chill. often throws of a peace sign to show the amount of chill.
"oh hey john! what are you doing?"
well, I'm just chilling
by snax1800 January 29, 2016
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A condescending term used by idiots who don't realise how serious the situation actually is.
Normal guy; You fucking wrecked my car and now I am going to lose my job!
Hippie; Just Chill dude.
by Bobsyeruncle May 18, 2013
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When bored, depressed, excited, horny, or frustrated with life or annoying situations, a person may feel the need to just chillout. They may also want to spend time with someone.

'Just chill with her' is usually said to a male, but can also be said to a girl, in order to advise them to relax or to encourage them to approach a person of interest. The person of interest can either be a person whom you hope for a relationship, friendship, network, or hookup. The most often person to 'just chill with' is Katy Perry. 'Her' is not always a female.

There doesn't even need to be a person to 'just chill with;' a person can 'just chill with' himself. In essence, it means to take it easy.
1- Gar: Bro, that girl is so cyoot man.
Bacon: Woooowww whatever just CHILL with her!

2- Bacon: Woooooooooooowwwwww I hate life, I have alllllll this gar homework to do!
Gar: Bro, just chill with her.

3- Gar: Man, I really wanna get that job! The employer i was talkin about, John, is diggin my portfolio.
by jumpafence October 24, 2009
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Its not Cedar Rapids its Hilary Clinton's "Just chilling in Cedar Rapids."
Barney:where are you Hilary
Hilary: I'm just chilling in Cedar Rapids
Barney: Where?

Hilary: Just chilling in Cedar Rapids
Barney: WHAT DO YOU MEAN??!?!
Hilary: Chilling in Cedar Rapids
by By NotJesus December 22, 2020
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