Fighter is a proud student of the great Knight; Vargus. In Fighter's Camp '86, he mastered the 12 ZodiaKenshido sword styles. Unfortunately, he failed the class and met Black Mage therefore making Black Mage's life living heck. He is now used as BM's meatshield, loyal companion, and idiot. Fighter does whatever he can to make Black Mage happy, but he always ends up making him angry.

To this day, Fighter continues struggle to perfect Sword-Chucks, two swords attached by a chain.

Fighter is a lovable moron with a heart of gold and the brain of a Sword-Chuck. His deity is Dr. Swordopolis; the very incarnation of sword.
Fighter used two-fisted monkey style attack on a horde of hideous monsters after attempting (and failing) to remember what Vargus had taught him about what to do in an identical situation.
by froofmyster April 21, 2004
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some task which is very difficult to execute; some person who is hard to get by ; coined by students of Indian Instiute of Technology, Delhi
The subject you are taking up is very fighter.

The professor who is teaching this course is very fighter.
by csharma July 9, 2010
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Person 1: "the foo's about to overrun us!"
Person 2: "No they're not, here come the Foo Fighters!"
by Doeth February 24, 2020
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Web site on Fighting games, complete with reviews of characters and games (some good, some bad)
by Takuma January 8, 2005
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A retarded game which pits different gods against each other in a fight to the death. Marshall's favorite.
MARSHALL: Dude, god sucks in Faith Fighter.

ps. Xenu gots nothing on me!

by WowShuddup January 31, 2008
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A youtuber who posts highlights from his streams, almost exclusively Dark Souls.

He is identifiable by the thrall hood he wears in most of his videos, and his ability to spank gankers and troll casuls is world-renowned.
Dude: have you heard of Fighter pl, the the Dark Souls Youtuber?
Man: I hate that guy! He invaded me three times and used Force to throw me off a cliff!
by iOSMeisner October 21, 2017
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A band of brave fighters who took down the species that terrorized the earth long ago known as the “foo
“Bro how did the foo go extinct
The foo fighters took em out”
“Wow that’s sick”
by knmjhytfdresawqWDRSFTHJ August 1, 2020
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