Point'n'click when gaming (not twitch or turn based, etc) Wow and Eve are pnc games
WOW is some mad pnc faggotry
by mmosaredeadf2psux June 23, 2011
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P.N.C stands for “Pink Nipple Club” which represents a general name for European look girls and it based on the common grasp that white girl have pink nipples.
I don't like this girl she is not a P.N.C
by Itsik August 04, 2013
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an acronym that stands for Post Nap Confusion

not to be confused with the drug PCP
by Moira McSwaggart June 18, 2013
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An acronym for "pre nigger check".
This is a routine check that a white person conducts before using the N word.
This check is used to be certain that there are no persons of a colored decent, in the area. This is for the safety of the white person.
Dave: wow calm down nigga.
Leo: Damn man you totally forgot your PNC, if your not carefull you'll get beat up around hear.
by zziiggggyy September 24, 2007
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