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1. Feeling chilled as fuck

2. Mentally at peace - free from stress, anxiety, tension, disturbance
1. "Dude this bud is making me mellow out big time."
"Yeah, who needs meditation when you can feel this tranquil?"

2. Riz "still haven't done my essay due in tomorrow morning hahahahaha"
Jasmine "you should be stressing! Wish I was as tranquil as you"
by Indiarose November 01, 2013
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To be at peace, almost reaching Nirvana. It can also mean to be calm, chill etc..
Ben Nawaz: Fuck i got a maths exam smh
Bieber: Its aight mate, be tranquil, just write them on your boobs
by Shakeel_Mohammed May 08, 2018
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