when you cum in a girl and you scream ooof
A: ooof!!! oops i nutted.
by ooof69 April 11, 2018
A phrase, in reference to the embarrassingly minuscule amount of time it takes for you to cast your concoction, used to establish a 30 to 40 second time frame in which you would like something to be accomplished.
*enters Build-A-Bear Workshop*
I need this Bubsy Snuggabear stuffed...before I NUT!
by Sweat Short Gang November 7, 2018
An expression used specifically for when you decide to touch somebody directly in their scrotum, the body part where the testes are stored which contain sperm, used for creating children. This phrase usually means that you know how someone feels about a specific subject.
person 2: feel my nuts
person 1: *touches person 2's nuts*
person 1: i feel your nuts
by FlashlightMemelord December 3, 2018
When you have 2 large testicular objects under your small peepee.
by November 20, 2021