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The feeling of lucidity a man gets after he has been beating it--this feeling gets worse with the weirder shit a man has been jerking off to
Jerry: Dude, yesterday i was watching wizard of oz and jacking off to it, and post nut clarity hit me hard when i realized putting my dick in a scarecrow isn't normal.
Brian: Jerry what the fuck
by Im not drunk April 23, 2018
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that moment after you fap when you realize just what the fuck you've been yankin* to

*definition number 3
post-nut clarity is the leading cause of search history deletion
by Skeetskeetskeetward July 04, 2017
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The immediate clear mindedness or soberness an individual gains after orgasming (busting a nut).

Can be achieved via pre-bating (mastubating before a date/ encounter to reduce sexual urges.)

Also refers to the phenomena when an individual loses interest in a person after they have sex with them.

Term mostly used by men, but women have gradually began using it as well.
1. I saw my baby’s mom the other day and I couldn’t stop thinking how fine she looked, I honestly had to go home and beat my meat to get some Post Nut Clarity because I was tripping, I wasn’t thinking straight to wanna to be messing with her again.

2. Remember that fine guy from the club, we went back to his place afterwards and we fucked, immediately after I came I regretted it, I’d never really date a guy like that... nothing like some Post Nut Clarity to reveal to you that you’re only smashing someone just because you’re super horny.
by GolfRomeo242 September 17, 2018
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