A girl who is very sick of being associated with a mustang.
When Shelby googled herself for the 3rd time, she found a plethora of car images.
by tumblingtomato November 13, 2012
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Sweet, sassy, beautiful girl with a kickass smile and a goofy personality. She'll make you laugh with out even trying. She's one badass gal!
Drunk dude #1: Broooo who's that with the nice ass?
Drunk dude #2: Back off man
Drunk dude #1: Why brooo?
Drunk dude #2: Dude that's Shelby! She'll kick you're ass
by Flint Mathews January 20, 2018
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Shelby is the best girlfriend any guy could ever ask for! She's funny, sexy amazing and an apparently great kisser. Her new boyfriend loves her very much!
Person1: who's dating Shelby?

Person2: I don't know but he's really lucky
by Awesome boyfriend February 7, 2014
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Listen to him/her, he/she can teach you anything you need to know and gives amazing advice. He/She is an amazing friend. Don't ever let him/her go. Be nice to him/her you never know when he/she is feeling sad. He/She is nice to everyone. You are always first on his/her list before himself/herself. He/She is always thinking of others and will stick up for anyone. If u have a friend/lover/family member named Shelby never let him/her go. He/she has one of the best personlitys you can find.
There is a new girl at my school named Shelby, she seems very kind.
by Lovewhodeservesit May 11, 2012
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A girl who is perfect in every way. She has the cutest face, the most vibrant smile, the most adorablest laugh ever, and has great taste in everything overall. She loves grey's anatomy, she plays softball, and most certainly is not a potato. She has a way with words, and has a kickass personality. She will never fail to disappoint you. She's so interesting and intriguing that you'll always want more from her. She feels as if she's pudgy, when she isn't. Something else about shelby is that she is the most amazing person you'll ever meet. Once you see her smile, you'll want to hug her tightly and never let her go.
Ms. Shelby from Carson City, Nevada
by AnonymousFaggot April 27, 2013
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Shelby is a girl with a great personality and really funny and cute. If you were asked if you would rather taste the best thing in the world or see the most prettiest sight. You would pick taste because you would have already seen Shelby. The most prettiest girl ever.
When you see Shelby she will light up your day.
by Alex6781 August 27, 2017
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Shelby, shelby, shelby is something that can not be described in words it's to emense. Shelby is a smart, gorgues, fascinating, interesting, funny, carasmatuc, loyal, determined, and etc. Shelby is that person u can tell your problems too and will help u no matter what the thing is. She will be There in a time of need. She also thinks she is ugly but in all honesty she is the most wonderful girl in the world. Any guy is lucky to have her even just to see her, she is more precious than a diamond more than emerald. She isn't something not from This world she's to precious, she's like a comet u can only see it once in a long time, she stands out from the rest cause she over shines them. She will bring u joy and laughter, if your having a bad day she is there to light it back up with happiness, she's like a dream catcher, the point of the dream catcher is to catch the bad spirits from flooding your brain with nightmares, Shelby isn't an Xbox or Ps4, she can't be played over and over, she needs a real man that will show her real love, that will lover her in the bad and good of times no matter how she looks, she don't want someone who will look over her she wants u to look with her. If u c I didn't put anything of body type cause your physical status dosent matter and especially when it comes to define the name not the shape or size. Well if u know a Shelby try to hold on to her cause there won't be one the same as a Shelby
(20 year old): dad have u ever seen a Shelby in your entire life cause I haven't

(60 year old dad): I once knew a Shelby

(20 year old son): what happened

(60 year old dad): I was a bad person that didn't know how to treat her, I thought she was like everyone else, but I didn't know the truth
(20 year old son): wow dad how where u so stupid
by Thehomievalentin January 11, 2017
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