defeated, lost, humiliated. To be the butt end of a joke.
Scotty was owned when Jared nuts were dropped on his chinny chin chin.
by marc March 09, 2005
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word used by gamers. Typically shows a lack of knowledge of the outside world and the workings of the female body.
See also pwned
Gamer: I just owned u fuccin n00b

Average guy: well I guess I should give the control back to my 11 year old cousin go home and have some sex with my wife and or girlfriend and or woman I picked up at the bar.
by garrtron3030 July 27, 2008
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To urinate on yourself in your sleep. This usually occurs after a night of heavy drinking.

Ownage can also occur to people you might be sleeping with or some objects your are sleeping on or near.
"Dude you pissed on my couch!"

"yeah, I soaked it......OWNED!"
by Nasdaf June 30, 2004
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the act of being someone's bitch, being in great debt to another, to be roaly fucked, to be humiliated.
The indians got totaly owned.

I owned your mom, sister, and girlfreind last night after you left.

That Navy Seal owned the shit out of Nick.
by The Daves May 22, 2005
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1:To Completely Destroy Your Opponent in any activity
2:A word spoken to hurt a noob's feelings
3:A sign of Domination.
Bitch, You Just Got Owned.
by §cagged December 11, 2005
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another word in the nerd language, invented and used by nerds, usually means to beat someone at something. this nerd word is usually used in computer games where nerds spent their time in all day
in a fight (in real life)

billy: i owned ur ass bitch
bob: omfg... quit using nerd words kuz owned is not a word
billy: prove it
bob: dude, by saying it you already show dat ur a nerd... u dont see the football players saying dat shit...
by boby2 September 08, 2006
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To have at some point possessed something or had it in your possession. Or if you're a nerd, you use it after you've insulted or tried to show yourself better than someone, in hopes that they will actually care.
I owned him like a Negro slave.
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