Similar to phrases such as kill it or murder. It used to show you're doing well at something
Dyanna are you ready for this game?

Yeah im gonna Bury it !
by mikeybee123 May 4, 2016
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To make someone else look bad and make yourself look like the shit
"Dude i just buried my ex, everyone hates that bitch"
"HAHA, Well at least everyone likes you now"
by Y2kevin May 6, 2015
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Sir Mario Lemieux, the greatest man in the history of forever. Savior of the Pittsburgh Penguins and nearly savior of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Buries It frequently buried the puck in the net, giving him countless Art Ross trophies and two Stanley Cups as a player. Bow down to Buries It.
Marc- Andre- Wow, did you see Buries It bury it?!?!?!

Kris- I sure did!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd Lemieux buries it again for the hat trick!

Mario buries the puck in the net, giving the Pens the lead.
by FlowerPower66 February 11, 2010
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Best place in the whole world. World Famous Black pudding.

Check that person from Bury.

Bury is the best place in all the land and all the world.

by burylad January 16, 2012
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An abbreviation for the town of Tewksbury or any other New England town that ends in "bury". Usually used by people who think they are on the cutting edge of cool language trends, but who in actuality are very much behind everything that is even close to being cool.
Person 1: "Hey, where are you from?"
Person 2: "I'm from the 'bury."
Person 1: "Nice. When are you moving out of your parent's house?"
by Cmin7b5 January 23, 2004
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the act of placing ones tounge at least three inches into the anus of your partner repeatedly. One must also have face wedged between the butt cheeks.
Tom: Harb. I heard you tossed that bitches salad.
Harb: Yea dude. You better believe i buried it.
by Kevin Baconn September 5, 2007
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Person who tries to act cool, and posts pictures of themself and gets roasted by other members
Maheel is a big buri
by MaldivianWords October 4, 2019
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