A myspace picture typically involves..

1. Having a view of the arm coming towards the camera, showing that the person is taking the picture of themselves (expressing how bored or insecure they must be)

2. Looking emo or sad for no reason.. (the typical 'depressed face/black and white film/turning away from the camera/dark makeup/wearing hoodie/attempt at being artsy' sort of picture)

3. Cleavage (not random folks)

4. The picture is usually accompanied by some sort of caption that involves an attempt at being profound with a dramatic quote or sometimes involving lyrics to a song that the person may not even listen to but rather have it on there to make themselves look deep or intellectual

5. About 230983 of the same shot on their myspace page where the only difference is that the pictures are from slightly different angles

6. After the picture is posted, it is usually followed by

A) a (few) bulliten(s).. explaining their intense need for YOU to comment their new picture. Sometimes involving an 'image comment bribe' where the bulliten poster will bribe the reader of the bulliten with an image comment only and only if the reader of the bulliten comment's their own picture. (also known as an 'image comment exchange')

B) The bulliten may also trick the reader to open the bulliten by labeling the title of it with a name such as 'who i LIKE..' thus reeling the reader into opening the bulliten and instead of finding out that the bulliten poster LIKES a certain person, they find out that the bulliten poster actually has new pictures.. and they LIKE attention.

7. This bulliten, depending on how desperate it seems, will result in a few insincere image comments. This is where friends lie to friends on how good they look when in reality, the person does not look so amazing that 1,000 exclamation points following a compliment are necessary!
Myspace pictures are fun to classify and analyze.
by haleyy November 15, 2006
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A picture, that's not even worth $1 Low quailty piece of shit black and white, usually with some emo caption under the picture. Everyone usually comments on hawt these are but they all look the same
''lyk omg comment my new myspace picture even tho i have 11 more jsut liek them!!!!1!
by Kristin and Kristen Company November 8, 2006
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A myspace picture is taken in one's room while one is looking at something uninteresting and unknown to the viewer, for the purpose of posting on myspace. These pictures are taken by one's self and often only include half of the face, the bangs, an eyeball, etc.
People who take Myspace Pictures are really cool. I wish I could take a Myspace Picture like that, but I can never get the camera angle right.
by Ladle Adle November 15, 2005
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A myspace picture is one that is not necessarily of a high or low quality, but was taken specifically to be posted on one's online interweb profile (myspace, facebook). Generally this picture is taken at a wild obscure angle, in a top of head to chest pose, or in a bathroom mirror. This picture is also usually depicting a person that is sad, emo, seductive, completely blank faced, or is having a giant unreal smile. This is different from a myspace photo, which is mostly about greasy hair and the need for people for to
I love ur new myspace picture.
Thanx! I'm gonna take a new one right now!
Oh man it is posted LOL. COMMENT on it PLZ (myspace comment)
Is this the exact same picture?
No it's a brand new one!
Oh... hawt!

UR new pic is zooo amazing! You are the cuitest evar.
by circuspunk January 28, 2006
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Taking a picture of yourself using a camera phone. Either by holding it at arms length or reflection in the mirror. Specific purpose of this picture is to post on online communities.
Dude, did you see her MySpace Picture? She is hot, but she sure needs to clean up her bathroom.
by Lisa Lou1331 January 8, 2009
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A person who takes a lot of unnecessary pictures and puts them on myspace.
Katey posted about 200 pictures of her Friday night on her Myspace. Then she asked me to go comment them! She's such a Myspace Picture Whore!
by monarchbutterfly November 16, 2009
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When myspace users take pictures of themselves in the mirror to look cool, but are only embarrasing themselves.

They dont even have any consideration to wash their jizz infested mirrors off so we can see their faces.
Pookie - Dude, that frotch Jamie.. totally just ruined that pic with her toothpaste spit all over the mirror.

Parkay - Dude, i know.. its them damn red heads! stupid myspace mirror picture!

Pokie - Dude, guys... thats not nice.. she cant help that her crotch is on fire..lol
by Pookie, Porkie, & Pokie July 22, 2006
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