A phrase commonly used in the world of warcraft arena community.

Literally meaning you lost because the other team outplayed you through better use of abilities, positioning, coordination, consistency.

Also used jokingly to describe losing because of something that wasn't your fault, such as RNG
1. Reckful outplayed that whole team with his insane control.

2. Friend 1: "that druid just meta-reflected fear, wtf"
Friend 2: "outplayed bro"
by purexed May 6, 2011
Stop their retreat!, Ionia calls!
When you get outplayed in league of legends you will hear this.
by TH3HUNT3R August 27, 2018
To be outperformed skillfully, or suffer an unfortunate event.
Upon having heard of his pet bird's death, Ogi was utterly outplayed.

OH SNAP! I outplayed you BITCH.
by pcycle May 15, 2009
The Definition of Outplayed but with an "S" on the end because u accidentally typed s and d at the same time making yourself look like an absolutely fucking weirdo.
Player 1: "We totally outplayeds those dudes."
Player 2: "yea we "outplayeds" them"
by Caiden :3 February 7, 2021