To ask for someone to engage in Oral Sex with you
I want you to give me head hardcore
by AeronL February 19, 2008
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''give me head'' is a term mainly said by males to women to suck their dick
''hey give me head''
''fine, but you'll have to pay me''
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the act of giving your boyfriend a blow job for pleasure.
"yo bitch give me head
by Ålïßter January 25, 2020
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To suggest that somebody engages in oral sex with you - you are asking for the "head" of their penis.
You're dead, I'm well fed
Give me death or give me head

-Bang Bang, Green Day
by KaypiGames December 4, 2018
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A phrase were people usually use when they ask a thot or a prostitute to suck their dick. Many use this word for a more cooler way than saying 'suck my dick' because it is more of a 2010 type of way.
OH Mami! I want you to give me head HARDDD!!!
by III Tempered May 17, 2020
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On November 21st, whoever is showed this definition is required to give head.
“Yo bro I showed this girl that it’s national give me head day
Yo fr??”
“Yeah bro i got the sloppiest head ever”
by qosaku November 21, 2021
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