a sex position where one climbs up a tree and perches themselves on a sturdy branch, then looks through a pair of trusty binoculars into various girls windows and masturbate furiously until you fall of the branch or get arrested
"Dude how are you in hospital??"
"bro i was doing the owl too hard and fell right out of the tree. Hurts like a mother fuuucker!!!"
by mcmotherfucker2k14 May 26, 2014
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A more powerful version of owned. Origin: a mouse or some rabbit getting owned so bad by an owl in the night. Usually followed with an animated version of an owl dancing.
John McCain was owled by Barak Obama on The United States presidential election of 2008.

or simply, OWLED!.
by sneik January 07, 2009
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to owl: to Operate With Ladies
Uh oh Woody I don't know if Chuck is ready to owl hes smelled pretty bad lately I think its his farticles.

Dude don't go over there right now he's owling.
by FARTICLES July 10, 2008
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Sexual intercoarse in which a man and a women are configured into a doggy style position. During intercoarse the Male very quickly remove the penis from the vagina and raise it up 2" and enter in the anus without missing a beat. This in turns surprises the femail whereas her head turns around 180 degrees.
Last night I pulled The Owl she never saw it coming!
by Haptic January 27, 2009
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Similar to lol, owls is something that you write when you find something amusing. The history of the phrase is quite clear, as web studies show a gradual evolution:

lol -> lols -> lawls -> jowls -> owls
Person 1: Whoa, someone thought you were a girl on the Internet!
Person 2: Owls!
by VelocityGirl July 24, 2010
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A relatively large bird that goes "Hoo" alot and can turn it's head 180 degrees. They live in the forest, eat mice, and are also capable of making the really freaky noises at night.
Owl:"Hoo! Ho-Hoo! Hoooo!"
Guy: Dude, it's an Owl! Kick-ass!
by Rakeman May 29, 2005
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