A Horror/Thriller movie with more of the following than any other movie :

2.Ear-rattlin scores
3.Eff words
Eric : Ill fuckin kill you !You fucking bitch!!!!

Amanda: Fix me you motherfucker !!!

Timothy Young :What the fuck ! What the fuck !

Adam : Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!

Officer Rigg: Put the fucking knife down !

Detective Hoffman :Fuckin murderer !Fucker....!


Saw is a brilliant movie with a metaphorical storyline beneath its freakout reputation.
by kingofhades June 18, 2008
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An acronym for Squad Automatic Weapon, the saw is a 5.56mm light machinegun that has been made to replace the old M60 machinegun. The SAW features a unique "bucket" design, where ammo is ribbon-fed out of the bucket of ammo held underneat the gun. It's 200 round capacity and amazing 800m working range make it a favorite of today's modern armies and special forces, but its accuracy is far lower than most weapons with the same range.
One quick flash is all you'll see, as you'll be dead long before you hear the report.
by Detranova October 30, 2003
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A primeval weapon with cutting edge technology, high portability and endurance, which is useful for obliterating enemies but most effective against our friends who carry out photosynthesis on our behalf. Modernized version retains the toothed blade but takes the shape of a motor power disk which ensues a greater surface area than the original oblong (roughly) sword. This definition does not necessarily implement that saw is not the past participle of see (v.)
Saw is not good in the wrong hands. It blisters the right hands. Digital version of saw is hardly available in market.
Read Huckleberry Finn, he hacks with a saw. He saw many things he wanted to saw.
He sowed to saw.
Sawing is not believing.
by neverdoubted August 21, 2008
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$10 dollar note as refered to by Robert Bass A.k.a Iceberg slim.
bitch you betta hand ova that saw buck
by benny D October 22, 2003
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That really distorted Keyboard sound you hear in trance music
Man im loving that melody in that song that is being played by the saw.
by Darren March 21, 2005
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nah man allow talkin to dem saws in public, bare hedz are gonna see u and think dat ur slippin
by topdawg July 2, 2006
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Execution by cutting a guy in half by a 2 man saw.
Sawing was the emperor's favorite way to half a guy he wanted dead.

He's been halved, you gentleman have done enough until it's time to cut another guy up.
by Solid Mantis October 12, 2017
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