Getting beaten at something usually in a big or humiliating way.. also known as getting your ass handed to you
Billy thought it was funny to slap Belindas' ass until she turned around and kicked him in the nuts. All of his friends were laughing and yelling that he was getting owned by her as she gave him a beating.
by thisisbecomingapainintheass February 13, 2014
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A word use by some people, as a phrase to say while they own the crap out of some noob in a video game, usually WoW or some rpg.
Bobert- o man o man! Yes! pyro crit! Get owned!
Player getting owned- o man. I got owned!
by Unoriginal January 28, 2008
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1.Frequently uttered by me when playing MW2 and Halo 3 when I pwn some noobs.

2.This phrase can also be used as support for someone else's insult.

2.Friend: Hellen Keller sings better than you!! (directed at 9 yr old on xbox)
Me: Yeah! Get Owned SOn!!!
by xINSANEx xMODZx September 12, 2010
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reference to Cheez-It commercial in which greedy motherfathers are instructed to stop moochin and procure their own delicious cheese snacks

In hip circles, refers to people needing to raise up off deez and get their own style, own man, own clothes and own fucking Cheeze-Its
1. Mom to Daughter: Hey Becky - lemme wear you new sweater.
Daughter: Dont think so Moms - you betta get your own box!

2. Friend #1: Damn your man *is* fine.
Friend #2: Yeah he's fine and he's mine so you needs to be
gettin your own box, bitch.
by Amanda April 12, 2005
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it usally arrises in a situation, when a person belives they are so good at something e.g. football, games etc and they are basiclly up theirselves but only during the event.
(living room of a friends house after a night out)
steve: oh thats great play from that lad
troy: get off your own dick
nat/luke/chris/neil: hahahahaha
steve: now thats a good one
by Luke Harris August 18, 2006
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Get Dafuk Ownes!= Get the Fuck On! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! YOU LYING! No Cap!

Typical reactions to a good ass story or breaking hood news!
Bruh!!! RayRay and JuJu just tried to rob the gas station and got locked inside and now the poepoez are on the way! GET DAFUK OWNES! I told them fools to get their money up but DYUM!!!Not like that!!!
by Musicismylifegang August 18, 2022
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