Like rough anal, but referring to any type of sex which is rough.
John's girlfriend's really into intercoarse, and she has scars to show from past experience.
by Your_mum_in_my_pants August 19, 2015
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sex as the action and fluent love
We have intercoarsely crossed the line.
by Thatguyaround February 6, 2018
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1. Lubeless sex involving really old people

2. How an idiot spells "sexual intercourse"
1. I could hear grandma and grandpa scraping away in the other room. They were having sexual intercoarse.

2. Sexual intercoarse iz won uv mah faverit aktivitys!
by y=mx+b March 6, 2009
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when a boy elephant meets a girl elephant they partake in akts of sexual itercoarse
two elephants at the zoo doin it with little kids watching
by west side monkey December 17, 2004
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Something you should ask your 'rents about.
"Daddy! Whats sexual intercoarse?"
by o0l0o0o0o July 11, 2008
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