A very attractive kid that gets all the ladies.

He is very charming and will treat you right.

Also rides dirtbikes which is sexy af
Damn, Barak sure has matured well.

Have you seen Barak lately? He's gotten cute

Im happy to say, me and Barak are talking. He's a great guy.
by Maggie Black December 14, 2012
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in hebrew it means lightning

and also..its my boyfriends name who i love so dearly
barak is a name used in israel
it means lightning
by sharons May 9, 2006
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The sound made during vomiting.
I think I drank too much malt liq..BARAK!!! Obama! (g*d dam it!)
by BULLWINKLE IS OBAMA September 4, 2008
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A guy who strives to do ambitious things no matter how impossible they seem
Person: You are such a Barak
Barak: Thanks
by christophermynolan January 19, 2020
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1. 2008 Presidential activities concerning Barak Obama.
2. Used by opposition, as well as supporters, of Barak Obama in both, positive and negative, ways. 3. To have an ego the size of any state in the union. 4. A descriptive term used in reference to a loud and projecting fart (flatulence), normally when someone 'rips one'! Synonymous sounds include, but are not limited to the following: Motorcycle, motorboat, lawnmower starting, tearing or ripping textiles/clothing, et al.,. 5. A half black/half white person.
Presidential Race: "Its a Barak verses Hillary standoff!"
Supporter: "We'll Barak the votes once the voting starts!"
Opposition: "Hope that the White House doesn't go Barak!"
Egotistic: "Yo', big head is actin' so Barak!"
Flatulence: "Man, oh man! I told ya' not ta eat three burritos in a row!! That last one ya' ripped was a Barak!"
Racial Composition: "Look at those features. She's a Barak!"
by Mike in Aurora, Colorado February 5, 2008
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