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Obituary is a pioneering American death metal band from Florida that has left a huge impact on death metal. The band features arguably the best death metal screamer of all time: John Tardy.
Obituary is going to perform tonight!
by DaRoffle October 17, 2015
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a final summation of our lives that, for most, occupies less than an inch of space in what will shortly become cage liner for the neighbor's parakeet.
Joe Smith (1945 - 2003)
Hard worker, husband and father of two...thats about it, nothing special about this guy.
by fredo October 22, 2003
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1. A list of the dead, or a register of anniversary days when service is performed for the dead.
OBITUARIES: That which pertains to, or is called forth by, the obit or death of a person; esp., an account of a deceased person; a notice of the death of a person, accompanied by a biographical sketch
by rdario43 July 18, 2009
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Reminds you that everyone you hate is going to die. And their kids. And their friends. Hooray death. At least someone is working toward eradicating all of the abominations you have to walk around every day.
Obituary. It's a word!
by Hym Iam June 16, 2018
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